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a kid who rapes young girls and calls his victims "miss krisy kreme". he has a thing for jelly donuts and has no permanent friends. Once someone is his friend long enough, he rapes them up the butt hole. Then he cuts them up into pieces and puts them in his freezer. A few months later, he takes out the frozen body parts and grills them outside and feeds them to the entire neighborhood telling them it's kangaroo. If you ever encouter him, COVER YOUR BUTT AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!
by A Kid May 04, 2005
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Name for a kid named David Curly who thinks he is black. Hence the name Ritz like the cracker. He has no white people clothes and thinks he can "bust cap" on all us white people. See also wigger or wankster.
"Yo man look at my new all black NY Yankees hat!"
"You stupid Ritz!!!"
by A Kid April 01, 2005
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The best A cappella group in the history of the world. Only the best singers can ever think about making it. Everyone that doesnt go to PCHS sucks at life
"I just made Fusion!"
by A Kid April 14, 2005
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A fantastically great nickname for a cool gangsta named Devin. D.I.M.P. stands for Devin Is Mucho Pimp or something along those lines. Originated from the name P.I.M.P created by 50 cent.
"OMG he is such a D.I.M.P.!!!"
by A Kid March 31, 2005
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A slang term for a "unit". This is used by famous celebrities such as Arnold Scharzeneggar on Conan O'Brien. He tells a story about how he took steroids to shrink his popo because it was to large! For more info on this please see unit.
"My Popo is so large that i used it to clean my chimney!!!"
by A Kid July 10, 2005
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a kid who sucks at b-ball and has no friends. he likes other men (see also flamer)
"Stop being such a COLTON TAYLOR!!!"
by A Kid March 31, 2005
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