11 definitions by A coool persone

When you wanna say nope but you just wanna rub it in their face by saying nopee
Hey can I borrow 200 dollars
by A coool persone July 22, 2020
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As the opposite of night water it is the bain of all human existence
I drank some day water and immediately threw up
by A coool persone July 13, 2021
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The result of humans, or stupid apes that don't give a fu**. The thing that is irreversible in 10 years (from 2022) and will kill us before any other thing that a common idiot fears. In more detail it's unwanted gasses in the atmosphere that traps sunlight in our atmosphere causing the world to heat up, ice burns to melt, and then oceans rising. Fun isn't it?
Danm your scared of spiders? Pollution gonna kill you before them don't worry.
by A coool persone April 20, 2022
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You searched the alphabet bc your bored and have nothing better to do. Or your weird. Or like putting things off. Either way congrats.
You really typed abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz in for this answer
by A coool persone May 11, 2022
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You searched for yrxurftift?
This dude just got a result for yrxurftift
by A coool persone July 13, 2021
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Short for youtube shorts
The parasite that is slowly sucking your soul and getting you addicted to constant scrolling. (Yt shorts is a option on YouTube to post a dangerously addicting video that's under 60 seconds long)
Friend 1: what have you been doing recently?
Friend 2: I've just been on yt shorts
Friend 1: Michael its been 10 days get a life
by A coool persone March 20, 2023
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