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The new way of seeking attention, and the "politically correct" way of saying he or she.
Did you hear Lizzie getting pissed off because i called her the wrong Gender Pronouns?
by 8d1 October 21, 2020

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Fucking Stupid
Guy 1: Furry bad lol
guy 2:ikr
furry: owo wanna sex?
by 8d1 August 01, 2020

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A bitch with no feelings, heartless, and bad fashion sense.
She is commonly known as "beloved" in greek witch is the biggest amount of bullshit i personally have ever seen
is that carissa again? she is such a fucking twat!
by 8d1 April 19, 2020

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A person that is usually a male and is cool
look at andrei over there Wit those awesome jeans!
via giphy
by 8d1 December 11, 2018

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