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compatibility of a couple, you say a couple has no chemistry if you know they won't get along and it just won't work
example 1:"why are they together? they don't even have any chemistry!"
example 2:"y'all should totally be dating. you have so much chemistry with him"
by 50%salineshitface October 5, 2020
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A class of people in one of the highest and most powerful positions. protected and above the law. they enjoy the luxury of illumination

some names you may recognize: George Soros, Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby
"he's the lesser of two evils. at least he's not known to be of the predator class. I'm still not voting, I will not play into their game"
by 50%salineshitface November 21, 2020
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Not knowing how to fight,say no, or being too innocent.
Lmao nigga you got beat the fuck up you soft
by 50%salineshitface July 10, 2019
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taking it in the ass. by means of a strap-on, penis, dildo, finger, or any other phallic shaped object
"ayy wanna try anal tonight"

"oh ok lol"
by 50%salineshitface May 29, 2020
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alternating current/direct current. direct current was the first system to be used, but then it was found that alternating current would work better over long distances. not to be confused with the Australian band AC/DC, this is a cool fact to tell people when the topic comes up.
sooey:"do you listen to AC/DC?"
sasa:"yeah i've been listening to them since i was 12. got sick of brian johnson's vocals though. also did you know that AC/DC actually stands for alternating current/direct current?"
by 50%salineshitface September 26, 2020
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