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to ferret about. like messing about doing random jobs is ferreting. or you can ferret for something.
my mum was ferreting round for her hairbrush this morning. what a nuisance! to ferret
by 4u2 May 14, 2020
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When a girl says to a boy to 'go down on me' they are actually saying for the boy to eat them out
I let him go down on me and it felt so nice
by 4u2 May 29, 2017
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someone who only thinks about themselves, never listens only cares about what they have to say. Isn't very good with girls/boys in a relationship
ughh i met a shitty kid the other day wouldn't wanna be with them again
by 4u2 September 2, 2017
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another word instead of low key if you wanted to shortern the word
i love loki sundays they are so chilled
by 4u2 January 9, 2018
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hub’ adj meaning strong (big)

snub’ v meaning to ignore (blank)

hub snub’ a strong or powerful ignore of someone
“My girl won’t stop ignoring me, think i’ve fucked up” his mate- “hub snub
by 4u2 April 24, 2020
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