V. Suck My Ass.
The term used by girls when wanting to display extreme displeasement.

Alternate for suck my dick.
Also stands for Sucks Major Ass
Term used when something is very unsatisfactory.
Tommy: Hey can i holla at you?
Jenni:No, SMA.
Tommy:Man that SMA.
by JenniKim October 16, 2011
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(SMA) suck my ass -- if your angry, upset, frustrated, and have nothing to say or scream or yell, suck my ass covers it all.
bob screams at joey "go fuck yourself" joey screams at bob "(SMA) suck my ass"
by danone April 07, 2010
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A really hot chick. Very popular word in the Netherlands.
Wow man, check that sma out. She has the best tits i've seen in years.
by Dick_H July 04, 2005
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1) "Suck My Ass"; used to offend someone acting like an asshole
2) Superior Mesoteric Artery
1) Chad: Dude, i heard you got busted on a DUI!
Dave: SMA!!
2) He was just in the hospital. I heard it was a problem with his SMA.
by bizzzzerk February 05, 2009
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(Origin: Northern Beaches, Sydney dialect - Balgowlah Boys High)
(Pronounced: as spelt, "sma" depending on accent can often be closer to a quick/snappy "smore")

meaning, huge, of large quantity and/or quality.. impressive..

(Deriving from the word "small", again meeting with the beaches sarcasm, drops selected letters which ultimately alters the meaning to the complete opposite)
1. "Sma uggy"
(meaning, someone is very attractive. see the use of "sma", having the opposite meaning of 'small' resulting in, this case, 'largely'.. and "uggy", this dialects opposite meaning of "ugly", now meaning 'attractive/good'.. the two words combined in the above exampled statement means 'very attractive/good')

2. "Sma bum"
(means, someone has a large posterior or bum)

3. "Sma building"
(means that the aforementioned building is large in appearance and quantity)

Almost all words in this Northern Beaches dialect are often pronounced with a sudden, short, rapid burst of air, accenting the last 1 or 2 letters in the word.. "sssMA", "wwEH"
by TrueAussieDictionary May 18, 2009
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