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The waif-like girls in opaque tights who rule the art galleries in Chelsea and other art districts. Like ballerinas, they are generally delicate-looking, coiffed, and can come off as cold.
As we perused the art, we tried to avoid the gallerinas.
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
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a girl wearing a miniskirt so short you can practically see up to her brain
The entire world saw Lindsay's, Britney's, and Paris's brains this past year.
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
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refers to an older woman in 'younger' clothing; looks 16 from the back, but 61 from the front.
Ew, how 1661 is she?
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
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used by the "gangsters" in the 361 area code. (19 squared= 361.)
This area code is used by the various small towns in southern Texas- Victoria, Inez, Lolita, Vanderbilt, etc.
Guy 1:"Yo man, where you from?"
Guy 2:"Nineteen squared, son!" (makes the 19 squared symbol with his hands.)
by ...<@!+Y March 26, 2007
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opposite of a metrosexual- a guy who doesn't care about his looks
I'm so over boys being prettier than me, my new boyfriend is totally retrosexual.
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
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