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A person who answers to their hivemind who presides in the capital building (Dick Cheney). Bush Does not qualify for hivemind because by definition he has NO mind and there-for cannot qualify to be a hiveMIND.
why did that guy just say that the people of iraq are bunch of damn heathen, towelheads?

He's a Republican...
by -tye- July 20, 2005

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A term for an abnormally sized shit, typically even larger than a duke. Arch is used in order to emphasize size and the significance of the occasion
Person 1: Man you were in the bathroom for 15 minutes, what were you doing?!

Person 2: uuugh, I just had to drop an Arch Duke in there, try to avoid stall #3
by -tye- April 01, 2009

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A person who believes that they know what words they are saying, when they are in fact using them in completly grammaticly incorrect sentences
Intelligent person: Hey, what did you think of that class on longfellow

Ignorgrammus: Whoa, I dunno what class YOU went two but what ever they said mine is the longfellow.
by -tye- July 16, 2005

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the best damn bance around consisting of jerky motion and occasional swingging
damn tye is doing the robot at graduation
by -tye- June 21, 2005

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a universal greeting typically used when meeting good friends after you drank 20 cokes.
hey dude your shaking a little bit

by -tye- June 21, 2005

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the freaking man who is comedian/political activist. A liberal who enjoys impersonating rush limbaugh and making him sound stupid (as he is). Also hates george w bush.
dude what you listening to?

Al franking he is the freaking man
by -tye- June 21, 2005

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