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A band whos members (Tegan and Sara) are from Calgary, Alberta (best city ever) they sing folk/rock alternative sort of music and its pretty good. You have to get use to their voices though which are sometimes high pitch and whiney but other than that they rock.
They have 4 Albums out: Under Feet Like Ours, This Business of Art, If It Was You, So Jealous (there newest and best CD so far)
Great songs by them - Where does the good go, So jealous, Walking with your ghost, Speak Slow, Downtown, Your Love and many more. Listen to 'So Jealous'
by -Tina- June 28, 2005

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Synaesthesia (also spelled synesthesia) is the neurological mixing of the senses. A synaesthete may, for example, hear colors, see sounds, and taste tactile sensations. Although this may happen in a person who has autism, it is by no means exclusive to autists. Synaesthesia is a common effect of some hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD or mescaline.

Synaesthetes often experience correspondences between the shades of color, tones of sounds, and intensities of tastes that provoke alternate sensations. For instance, a synaesthete may see a more intense red as the pitch of a sound gets higher, or a smoother surface might make one taste a sweeter taste. These experiences are not metaphorical or merely associations; rather, they are involuntary and are consistent throughout life, although some young synaesthetes seem to lose their ability by or during adulthood.

Synaesthesia can even occur when one of the senses no longer functions properly, e.g., a person who can see colours when words are spoken can still see the colours if he becomes blind in later life.

Two of the most common forms of synaesthesia are seeing sound or seeing letters and numbers in color.

Richard Cytowic wrote a pop-psych book about this condition entitled The Man Who Tasted Shapes.

In synaesthesia's most common form (Grapheme-color synaenesthesia), individual letters of the alphabet, as well as numbers, are "shaded" or "tinged" with a color. The alphabet color pattern is different for every individual. Many synaesthetes report that they were unaware their abilities were special or unusual until they realized other people didn't have them
'A' can appear to be bright yellow and 'M' can be a crimson, deep red color. Also objects like a chair can have personality and music can have taste. Depends on what type of Synaesthesia you have, you experience things differently.

Nick Carraway, the narrator of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, recounts "yellow cocktail music" playing at one of Gatsby's parties.

Ludwig van Beethoven considered B minor to be "the black key," and Franz Schubert viewed E minor as like "a maiden robed in white and with a rose-red bow on her breast." In such cases of long-dead people, it is difficult to tell whether they were describing their synesthesia or using figures of speech.
by -Tina- June 29, 2005

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The band was named after a club the duo used to run, called 'Captain Sensual at the Helm of the Groove Armada'. Yorkshire man Andy Cato used to play trombone in a brass band and is a former Young Jazz Musician of the Year. Tom Finlay hails from Cambridge and used to work in public reltionships for Nike
Albums are Vertigo (1999), Goodbye Country, Hello Nightclub (2001) and Back To Mine (2000).
Groove Armada have proved one of the most consistent British dance of acts of recent years.
Listen to 'Superstylin' the best song ever!!
by -Tina- June 28, 2005

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a show on 'much' (canadian music channel) that plays decent music
i watched the wedge yesterday, they play good indie
by -Tina- July 28, 2005

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Awesome 80s & early 90s Canadian Band
Tom Hooper (bass, vocals)
Chris Hooper (drums)
Kevin Kane (guitar, vocals)
Vincent Jones (keyboards; 1990)

Chris and Tom Hooper and friend Kevin Kane had been playing in bands together in their home town of Kelowna, British Columbia, since 1977. They formed The Grapes of Wrath in the summer of 1983

September Bowl of Green (01/01/1986)
Now & Again (09/01/1989)
These Days (08/27/1991)
Field Trip (09/01/2000)
Grapes of Wrath (not to be confused with that dumb book we have to read in school) ROCK!!
by -Tina- June 28, 2005

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An Amazing Band, originally called 'Starfish' (thank god they changed it!!)
Have 3 albums: 'Parachutes' (2000) 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' (2002) and there newest 'X&Y' (2005)
The band members are Chris Martin (vocals, piano, guitar) Jonny Buckland (guitar, harmonics) Guy Berryman (Bass) and Will Champion (drums)

A lot of people debate over which band is better, Radiohead or Coldplay...and the answer is Radiohead, in my opinion, because they started it all. If Radiohead hadn't existed would Coldplay sound the way they do? Plus Thom Yorke has a better voice and piano skills than Chris Martin. Also if you listen to 'Just' by Radiohead you could never see coldplay writing/playing or singing anything like that... because they are like the mellow, caffeine-free Radiohead. Not that, that is a bad thing because they still rock. Some people also think they are overrated but they have amazing talent and a unique sound so don't knock it until you've listened to them.
4 Grammies, 4 Brit awards and almost 17 million album sales says something about the band.

Chris Martin is also huge charity work. Go check out www.maketradefair.com and see all the great stuff he's done.
Their hit songs and my favorites: Yellow, Trouble, Shiver, Clocks, The Scientist, In my Place, Don't Panic, God put a Smile Upon Your Face, Spies, Politik, Green Eyes, For You, Warning Sign, Moses, Daylight, Everythings Not Lost, Amsterdam, Beautiful World, Only Superstition, Speed of Sound & lots more.
by -Tina- June 28, 2005

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