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1.Titty Pain/Testical Pain
2. A Really Bad R&B Singer That uses a Program called AutoTune Because he can't sing.
3. An R&B Singer That looks like a fucking crackhead.
Danny- You Did You See Usher Sing Yesterday?
Daniel- Yeah! He was WAY better then T-pain!
(Daniel Punches Danny in the Nuts)
Danny- Fk! I got T-Pain!
(Daniel gives danny a Titty Twister)
Danny- FK! I got Even More T-Pain!
Daniel- Dude you look like ur on Crack! You Look Like T-Pain!
Danny- FUCK!
by -Danny- April 09, 2009
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A word to replace Fuck
Danny- My Teacher's so Shmiffin hot!
Daniel- Your Shmiffed up.
by -Danny- April 25, 2009
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Another Way of saying Mother Fucker but adding a little accent to it to make it sound spanish or something.
Danny- Haha! I took all your Money and And Kidnapped your Wife!

Daniel- Madre' Fuqre'!
by -Danny- April 08, 2009
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A Really Hot Girl
Danny- Holy Shit! She's Hot!
Daniel- Woah! She Looks like a Jajunka!
by -Danny- April 04, 2009
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Gay Ass People
Group 1- Wanna go to an all boy party and touch each others asses?

Group 2- Wow you guys are Gaps!
by -Danny- April 08, 2009
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