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Arm Sock Nation. A little known gang from Livonia, Michigan. Founded when matching arm socks were bought by the two founding members, Octo and Travis. This gang has it's own personal set of slang created over time, which can now be found in the Urban Dictionary. They are (or have been) at war with Insane Beaver Clan, and an unnamed gang formed by a yeti (as defined by Octo).
A.S.N. is so strong, they're like a family. And not the lame kind like a Juggalo family, but the strong kind.
by --Octo-- May 28, 2008
A whore that uses the concept of "love" as a tool to make fools of her victims before becoming bored and moving to another. May use a victim to invoke rage and jealousy in a previous victim.
David - The bitch used me, after I spent all that time loving her, and then made bullshit excuses to leave. When I asked her if she was just doing it to fuck around, all she could do was shout "fuck you" all nervous!

Travis - What a Yeti!
by --Octo-- May 24, 2008
An A.S.N. term for a vagina, specifically a shaved vagina.
Did you see that chick's wax butterfly? There wasn't even a single hair on that thing!
by --Octo-- May 29, 2008
A.S.N. variation of "fo' sho" or "fo' shizzle".

In order to make it rhyme, as is the case with "fo' shizzle my nizzle", it's often said as "fo' shankle my ankle"

We don't need to give y'all a reason, why do you care?
"So did you plow that bitch yet?"
"Yee, fo' shankle!"
by --Octo-- May 31, 2008
Utter and complete nonsense. Often used to break silence or answer the unanswerable.
After a period of awkward silence, he simply shouted "QUIBERBIBIBBEL!"

John - "Where do you think we go when we die?"

Carl - "...Quiberbibibbel!"
by --Octo-- May 24, 2008
General A.S.N. term for a vagina. Also used a mild, often joking insult.
That vagaginal felt so damn good, it was the tightest I've felt.
by --Octo-- May 29, 2008