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1. The act of sexual intercourse. Really, "fucking" is the only non-clinical word that translates to "to have sex with".
2. A rather profane intensifier, and a rather intense one at that.
3. A town Austria whose sign routinely disappears, possibly due to its unusual name. The name in question rhymes with rhymes with "booking" and not with "clucking".
I'm fucking my girlfriend really fucking hard in Fucking, Austria.
by Ἀπολλύων November 06, 2016

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A euphemism is a term or a phrase used by individuals to refer to a controversial topic as overwhelmingly inoffensive as possible, as opposed to being politically incorrect (aka "enthusiastically offensive").

Unfortunately, the overuse of a euphemism will eventually devolve its meaning to the extent that itself becomes politically incorrect and will have to be replaced with another euphemism. This is a sociolinguistic phenomenon to as the "euphemism treadmill".
The term "mental retardation" was once a euphemism and politically correct term used to describe stupidity. The previous term was imbecile which was an actual medical category which comprised of idiots (IQ 0 to 25), imbeciles (IQ 26 to 50), and morons (IQ 51 to 70).

Over time, mental retardation and its associated verb "retard" became as corrupted as "imbecile" and "idiot" and was eventually replaced with "intellectual disability". It is now only a matter of time when being "disabled" is offensive and once again, slides down the euphemism treadmill.
by Ἀπολλύων October 21, 2016

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A competitive sport played in Minecraft. Gameplay consists of deleting blocks under you feet while running around in an arena. The goal is to delete the blocks so that other players will fall through while avoiding the same fate yourself. Spleef is a pun on the word Grief.
I'm bored, hey let's play spleef!" "Sure!
by Ἀπολλύων September 26, 2010

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An extraordinarily colossal number that is calculated by calling the Ackermann function with Graham's Number as its parameters.
The actual value xkcd's number is unknown as most mathematicians cannot grasp its true form without suffering from PTSD-inducing nightmares.
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by Ἀπολλύων September 16, 2016

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1. A 2006 cult movie that depicts the Fall of Man due to idiots outbreeding smart people and rampant consumerism.
2. Based on the word's etymology, "idiocracy" can mean either "self-government" or "spontaneously occurring government".
Contrary to popular belief, it is not the rampant breeding of idiots that caused intelligence to decline; it is the public perception that idiots are something to worship...which is what caused idiots to outbreed smart people. An Idiocracy scenario is not very likely to occur; in fact, the advancement of public health has allowed minds to develop better than they did in the past.
by Ἀπολλύων November 03, 2016

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Language, as with many forms of complex communication, is linear. Its use and context establish tone (the attitude in which the author conveys), with the logical expectation of consistent perpetuation. When one exhibits an unanticipated deviation from the aforementioned parameters, such that its register, dialect, and/or vocabulary is at a significant distance from that previously employed, its effect can best be described as being "totally fucking weird"

This is also known as being "sophisticated as hell"; however, linguistics prefer to call it "linguistic dissonance".
"In the immortal words of Ayn Rand, STFU n00b." ~ A common variation of the sort of linguistic dissonance that one becomes acquainted with when "debating" on 4chan.
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by Ἀπολλύων October 21, 2016

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1. An intensifier, usually in the form of "...big ass object]", and a rather intense one at that. Contrary to its wordage, "big ass" usually does not imply that the succeeding object in question has an oversized posterior, but that the object itself is oversized (unless the object in question is itself a large posterior).
2. A state in which one's Gluteus maximus embodies gluttony maximus.
by Ἀπολλύων December 18, 2016

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