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One of the 31 words comprising the entire vocabulary of modern Neanderthal mouth breathers, twinkies, and other morons. Helpful, along with piercings, tattoos, and multicolored hair dye, for quickly identifying the lower social orders.
Did you see that amazing bling on the bro with the awesome tattoo?
by ô¿ô October 14, 2007

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A female, generally of the fundamentalist evangelical persuasion, who's mission, as given to her by her god, is to illuminate to the ungodly the errors of their ways. Irritating, nosy, self righteous, pigheaded, and unbending.
She was a zelatrix, and no one in her neighborhood could escape her wrath or eagle eye.
by ô¿ô November 04, 2009

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Grow up and get a life.
Her only response to the little twerp who was always hanging around was "GUAGAL".
by ô¿ô July 29, 2006

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Ebonic nonsense. Slang used by blacks in America to sound "cool".
A typical ebobabble greeting is "Yo bro. Whazup?"
by ô¿ô July 01, 2008

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a piece of fluff aging insecure men take to events for their decorative quality rather than their scintillating conversation.
Where did George pick up that elbow candy he brought to the Christmas bash?
by ô¿ô May 05, 2009

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Any of a large group of confidence men, particularly priests, ministers, rabbis, and mullahas, who pray on the irrationality of the weak brained to gain power and wealth.
Since that foolscammer came to town, the old churches are half empty on Sunday.
by ô¿ô May 05, 2007

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Cheap Plastic Shit - The staple of the Ad Specialty business, e.g. bottle caps, pens, plate scrapers, letter openers, rulers, etc. Not always made of plastic.
What CPS do you sell that we can put our name on to give to our customers?
by ô¿ô December 06, 2009

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