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The 43rd president but the 1st Antichrist.
George W. Bush will eat our souls.
by \cool kid/ December 22, 2006

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A person who exercises the reaction-formation defense mechanism which is when you see something in yourself that you are afraid of like being gay.

Also see Christian
George bush and his entire cabinet probably enjoy getting it up the ass since they are all gay bashers.
by \cool kid/ December 20, 2006

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A guy some prick made up in order to make a few dollars. If he really did exist he propably was a schizophrenic man.

The bible is also full of contradictions. Example- Jesus loves everyone, but hates gays.

Religion has also caused more bad then good, with all the wars and stuff. Also jesus is one of the reasons For George W. Bush.
Jesus has buttfucked the world economically, politicly, and emotionally.
by \cool kid/ December 20, 2006

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