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a dutch insult-word which can be a substitute for:
ass face
jezus etc

it is also a turd which pounds his way out of you ass and rebounces from the toilet and splatters ur shit all over the place

1:shit! look at that klapkeutel
2: fo sho my nigga, thats one fucked up klapkeutel
by [_m4] July 09, 2006

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sufkut is a dutch word, its another way of calling a person a idiot
this word is more commonly used when the person is a complete fuck up and the words idiot(idioot) or loser(sukkel) have been used to much already and dont have any effect on him/her , when the loser is really becoming retarded you may also say kutsuf
see also klapkeutel
1) hey man, i accidently ate your cell phone....... again
2) SUFKUT!!!!!!
by [_m4] July 20, 2006

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stampot is a type of food, most common in the netherlands, most likely to be cramped in ur mouth during the years u live with ur parents, it consist mainly of a mix between potatoes and vegetables, but u can add whatever u want to that
get that stampot out of my face bitch! i aint eatin that shit no more!
by [_m4] July 09, 2006

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a 'summer hit' is a music single played on the radio during the summer months,and then often becomes more of a annoyance because of extensive play, it is not uncommon that the artist playing the song is otherwise unknown and comes from some gay europian country.

the best example of this is without a doubt the Dragostea Din Tei song which later became a annoying internet phenomenon known as numa numa, needles to say, their influence can be so great that is almost considered evil

maybe its because of the crappy quality and the cheap beats that people find these songs so entertaining...

but please people: make the horror stop!!
girl)ive downloaded the new summer hit on my mp3 player, wanna hear it?
guy)*graps the mp3 player and throws it on the floor* NO!!
by [_m4] July 16, 2006

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nobody knows what the word means exacly, it is used in msn chat, and sometimes in real life.
it is a way of saying you dont give a fuck and couldnt care any less.

(note: this word is mostly used by dutch people)
when jimmy asked tom if he liked his new pc , tom replied: jaha.

tom doesnt care, jimmy doesnt know what he means and is confused.
by [_m4] June 10, 2005

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jaja can be used for another (retarded) way to spell haha, much like aha, but on messenger it usualy is a word to express lack of better words or intrest, much like jahaonly with a more whatever tone to it
1:man i just came between that bitch her tits and she was all over the place, dude u gotta hear this

by [_m4] July 10, 2006

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a music style wich became hugely overated , stupid raps and repetive beats, the 'rappers' for this kind of music are usualy surrounded by (almost)naked women who get paid 50 bucks to show off their tits, the lyrics of the songs include: ho,nigga,bitch,fuck,pimp,bling bling and so on.

thanks to mtv and hiphop we now have 10 year old loud mouthed wannabe niggers who think they are the shit, but in fact are sad retarded fuckwads
1: dude i got a new hiphop album, wanna hear it?
2: screw you wigger! go listen to some real music!
by [_m4] July 09, 2006

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