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happier than a racoon in a patch of roasted corn; extremely happy (appalachian)
He's happier than a 'coon in a roastner patch
by @ibreiden May 6, 2016
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The word "wench" is purely just another word for "young female child." It is Germanic in origin as many words in English are and yes. People still use it in such a way!
The wench in the store was so extremely nice when I fell into her on accident.
by @ibreiden May 6, 2016
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Another pronunciation and spelling for the standard spelling "before." It is specifically used to denote a time or physical object. Facing a type of extinction despite having its roots in Old English and Middle English. (Opposite is 'ahind)
Afore now, we really hadn't ever thought twice about whether or not fixing the bed was a smart idea. ; You were standing afore me in fricken line!
by @ibreiden May 6, 2016
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Night - shortened version of nightfall (evening);

Nighttime - the dark part of nighttime beginning between 9PM-3AM
After night, we’re going to drive the car the whole way to your grandmama’s house. It’ll be nighttime so you might want to bring a pillow.
by @ibreiden March 15, 2019
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