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A real nigga

Who gets shit done

Don't fuck with him

Gets allot of pussy and is sexy afffff

He has good ass bars and ready for anything
Really really good at basketball
Girl 1: who's that

Girl 2: that's Michael*heart eyes*
by :):Yooooo.. July 7, 2016
Being someone who isn't the leader or boss but is that to other people. Only a puppet in the group or organization.
The pretentious leader of McDonald's is obviously Ronald McDonald
by :):Yooooo.. July 10, 2017
The figure:

1. Someone who is the face of the master plan or organization or the group, Works but not as much as the hidden figure does, Gets the connection is the plug
2. The person who helps with the plan being the pretentious leader
Guy 1: everyone be wanting to be him he's the figure
Guy 2: yeahh
by :):Yooooo.. February 26, 2017
Person 1: Mir
Person 2: what ???
Person 1: Make It Rain
Person 1: M.I.R
Person 2: oohhhh
by :):Yooooo.. July 7, 2016
The hidden figure:
1. Someone working everything behind the scenes, not being the face (the figure) of the master plan
2. The real person who's moving the agenda doing things lowkey to keep everything flowing
Person : gotta give it to the people working the backgrounds

Guy: yeah those the hidden figures
by :):Yooooo.. February 26, 2017