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A variation of spelling of Aidan - a very Irish name, usually accompanied by a very Irish last name. It means alternately "warmth of the hearth" or "little fire" or "fiery one"

This name is usually given to a person of extreme sexiness of either sex. Aedans are highly intelligent, very romantic, and have a fiery spirit.
Aedan gave me chocolate and flowers and its not even Valentines Day!
by WilliamCarlosWilliams February 04, 2010
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A dangerously attractive man. Someone you could only dream of being around. If one should find themselves worthy of his attention, consider it an honor. Aedan has a mind like no other. He can be best described as a mad genius, and sexual dynamo. He can also be considered analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, and precise. However, once Aedan finds you useless, consider yourself dead to him. He has little patience for absentminded, foolish people. Aedan is intellectually stimulating and wildly seductive. Good luck even getting close enough to know him.
Aedan is way too hot! Aedan is the brains of this operation. I'm so in love with Aedan. I hope Aedan marries me someday.
by The$$$$ September 26, 2018
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Aedan, an amazing guy, very sexy, he has a very big dick, he is a great kisser and if you every end dating an Aedan you don't wanna lose him.
Damn are dating Aedan? your a very lucky girl.
by The$$$$ September 04, 2018
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An ancient sumerian word, the literal translation of which is "Fuckpig". This winged ghostface demon is the act of rape given physical form. He gargles mayo, and lives on a diet of Pope bones. The only thing he values more than his own reflection, is Dunhills.
"Look in the sky, it's Aedan!"
"Can I bum a smoke Aedan?"
"Sure bud."
by Aedan's mum February 04, 2010
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Aedan, a very smart guy, he has beautiful eyes, athletic, very handsome and sexy, they know how to treat a girl, and they have very big DICKS!!!
And if you ever try and fight him...he will beat your ASS!!!
Did you just see Aedan beat that kid up!!!!!
by 2q_thg.90 September 05, 2018
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