(adjective, adverb, interjection) awesome; coined by the Street Sharks action figures and cartoon show

I did jawesome on that test.
by Diggs February 18, 2003
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Kelly knocked his beer out of his hand. What a party foul.
by Stroll June 29, 2004
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A night when groups of adults get drunk and use explosives when intoxicated. In some cultures they melt metal objects to artefacts.
The dog was scared of the noises on new year's eve.
by j-hi January 7, 2004
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A year whose number is divisible by four in which most events that operate on a four year cycle take place, such as leap year, summer olympics, and the United States presidential election.
Y2K was one hectic number four year.
by gateway_gamer January 3, 2004
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