Feb 13 Word of the Day
you've cheated on me, now miss me.
by trina November 17, 2003
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Feb 12 Word of the Day
to gradually die (literally or figuratively)
When Dan started telling the girl at the bar that he lived in a barn with 3 sheep, 2 horses, and his parents, his chances of beating it up that night started circling the drain.
by Nick D September 25, 2003
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Feb 11 Word of the Day
if someone shoots at you, you clap back at they ass.
by the mighty Ru March 20, 2004
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Feb 10 Word of the Day
Similar to a "party foul." Something caused by fate, that can't be altered.
I failed that test today. Oh well, charge it to the game....She poured beer on the carpet- charge it to the game.
by Anon October 17, 2003
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Feb 9 Word of the Day
sex that wears trousers and a nice looking polo shirt to work and parties
usually i dont care about these things, but casual sex was way under dressed at the reception on friday.
by ma jones May 18, 2004
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Feb 8 Word of the Day
literally "fat Tuesday"; a festival day ending a period of celebration and excess; usually occurs mid to late February, sometimes early March. Immediately followed by Ash Wednesday and Lent. Traditional Mardi Gras celebrations are held in Mobile, AL and New Orleans, LA
I get arrested getting drunk on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras.
by Hackster March 04, 2004
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Feb 7 Word of the Day
Used to add emphasis to the ending of a phrase. Usually spoken with a slight pause prior to it, and with a deeper voice than normal.
Lets go get some food--I'm fucking hungry dot com.
by Keens February 09, 2004
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