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A hairy vagina that relates to a bush
Dude did you see her bush?
by HHH April 7, 2016
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HHH pedigreed Randy Orton head first on to the steel chair!!!
by HHH April 2, 2005
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A city that makes Vancouver and Montreal look positively dull and boring. It has the most popular hockey franchise in the world, stunning landmarks and is the cultural, economic, and sports centre of Canada. No other city in CDA has 5 pro sports franchises, nor the degree of multiculturalism and general good vibes that exist in the City. Many people who live just outside the city will say that they "are from Toronto" and those who live nowhere near are generally envious or spiteful, though never admit it. GO TORONTO!
Lets plan out travels honey, which will it be, The east coast? We can see drug addled vancouver and the most poluted pacific port north of seattle. Or we could see montreal and get mugged in front of a seedy strip club. Or maybe Toronto?
by HHH January 30, 2005
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for use when someone says something stupid and you just don't feel like listening anymore, similar to bitch please
Bitch, you wastin my minutes.
by HHH April 26, 2005
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