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the action of sucking the farts out of one's ass
That bitch loves to zorch the members of the football team.
by kyet king July 26, 2006
v. tr. To destroy or render unusuable, esp with electrical current of improper or fatal voltage or current.
I accidentally zorched a 6v scanner by plugging it into a 24v power supply.
by Ytse December 20, 2005
To travel with velocity approaching lightspeed. To propel something very quickly.
"The new comm software is very fast; it really zorches files through the network."
by cobrien September 19, 2008
A verb: To mess something up to the point of unusability, or even to destroy it.
I hadn't saved my file, and my computer crash totally zorched the term paper that I was writing.
by Chuck Hastings June 29, 2003
A gangly, poor-postured female that walks with an outwardly thrusted pelvis and emits nervous laughter. Possesses little or no social graces and is often prone to urinary tract infections.
"Did you hear that laugh? Put your phone away or the zorch will get you in trouble with the boss."

"You shouldn't drink that much man, you almost went home with that zorch."
by SSMKTslang November 02, 2013
Electrical energy used as a teleporter for flemoids back to their own dimension. (from the DooM total converion Chex Quest)
Dameon sure zorched the hell out of that Flemoid! It only took 200 zorch charges!
by atariangamer July 10, 2008
The Zorch is your second mythical stomach which can only be filled by expressing your individual style. Whenever you listen to music, create artwork, or be apart of something completely original, you are feeding your Zorch.
I'm going to a Creed show tonight, I can't wait to listen to live music and feed my Zorch!
by BlackandWhite February 03, 2012
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