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the quickest way to answer a question when not paying attention that usually doesn't include any thinking what so ever. also used in a very sarcastic way.
Ex. teacher- Jimmy are you going to be coming to detention today?
Jimmy- sure

MOM- i have to go to the store and then to the laundry matt and then bla bla bla bla bla ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME???
child- sure
by speds January 05, 2005
379 120
yes, i dont care
by anonymous September 06, 2003
305 162
Often used sarcisticly, it origianally means "I agree".

When said quickly, it stays true to the origianal meaning. When elongated, it is often an indiction of sarcasm.
DUDE! you wanna crash the mall?

Non-sarcastic: Sure!

Sarcastic: sure....
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004
161 77
I don't give a fuck. Leave me the hell alone.
So-and-so like you. Do you like her?
by Holli December 03, 2004
172 120

sure is a word described as certian, or positive
if somebody askes you if your hungry, and you are, say "sure" and if they ask is that a yes or a no, say "you fucking dumbass its means yes so dont fucking ever ask me what it means again.....bitch!!"
by andrew March 02, 2005
127 78
A comment/ statement made when an individual would like to imply sarcasm or a lack of interest towards something someone else says. Sure can be pronounced in a very high pitched manner and may be accompanied by sarcastic head nodding.
'Hey, do you want to come to the shops with me?'
by Sting02 October 11, 2012
56 18
hell i dunno
Umm.... sure....
by anonymous March 06, 2003
104 84