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Verb, meaning to have very hard sex, or go to town on a woman usually in derogatory fashion with the bloke deriving most of the sexual pleasure and often wishing to inflict some element of short term pain, internal damage or other adverse physical condition on the woman e.g. hoping the woman will bleed or walk ‘bow legged’ for several days afterwards.
1. I’ll destroy you tonight, dear.
2. Did you give her one last night? Yes, I completely destroyed her.
by Neil99 March 17, 2006
to do really well on something - antonym of bombed
I destroyed that test! President's List, here I come!!
by A February 08, 2002
To overcome completely and greatly, without the hint that much effort was used.
The Undertaker could destroy HHH
by Gumba Gumba April 08, 2004
(v.) To show exceptional skill and/or dominance in defeating an opponent or completing a task.
"I fucking destroyed that test."

"I'm so hungry. I'm going to destroy that pizza so hard when we get home."
by ChillyCheeseDog July 19, 2009
Destroy in any of its forms is meant to describe Sex. But not just in terms of that which one could not recover. To destroy means to provide incredible orgasm so much so that the womans vagina is figuratively destroyed. OR is so good her independence is destroyed. In other words, she's sprung. It came about when I was in college and my friends and I would sit in the cafeteria looking at girls. For girls that were somewhat shy but had nice figures they could get destroyed....conversely if a woman has a history of being sexual, extremely beautiful or having a lot of junk in the trunk she is capable of destroying a man.
Man, I'll destroy that chic.
Last night, Sara came over...DESTRUCTION!
Girl, it was so big. He destroyed me.
by B.U.S.B.Y June 04, 2008
To eat something abnoxiously.
I am destroying a pack of twinkies.
by chiefola March 27, 2005
1.V. To perform intercourse on a womans vagina until it is no longer recognizable to the human eye.

2.V. To leave a womans vagina in ruins.
1. "Shit man (girls name) is so hot, i would destroy that in a second.
2. "Man I destroyed that pussy last night, it looked like the Roman Coliseum.
by Dwight K. Shrute November 30, 2007

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