Hey, check it out... I got this zorch new MP3 player.
by ranebo January 08, 2005
A versatile word with many modern uses, the three most acceptable being:

1) Verb, transitive: to score a goal in spectacular fashion in the popular Konami video game, Winning 11.

2) Verb, intransitive: to dominate in Winning 11

3) verb, intransitive: to drink so much liquor as to black out of consciousness.
1) Did you see that goal? What a zorching.

2) Undefeated today. I'm just zorching all over the place.

3) Oh man, after drinking all of that Natural Ice, he's zorched beyond repair.
by #1 Zorcher April 24, 2009
1)even more "cool" than "cool"
2) exceedingly great
3) to annhilate from existence
Mr. Wilcox (11th Grade Physics Teacher): You better do zorhcy on the next test, Wallace, if you don't want to be zorched out of existence.
by Matthew Swartz January 11, 2004
a term that was used by people way back when
that is so zorch Mr. P. that turkey
by humalala February 21, 2008
slang the female sex organ, the vagina.
That is the biggest zorch I have ever seen!

That zorch looks like it has the syphilis monster living inside.

BOB: "Sally's zorch has teeth!"
BILL: "Dude, those are scabs..."
by Super_Pope January 06, 2004
The act of holding an object in one's hands in order to invoke the imagination, usually accompanied by a crazed look in the eyes.
Darren: Why are you holding your napkin like that? Why do your eyes look so crazed?
Layla: I'm imagining ice skaters! I'm zorching!
by mydreamisreal January 13, 2011
the act of pomping
by legend69 September 02, 2008

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