a minor skin legion. a pimple
Don't keep popping those zits. You'll get an infection. (example of zit)
by The Return of Light Joker August 30, 2009
A zit is an annoying, big, red, and usually painful pimple that's on your face. You don't want one. It's zero fun.
Guy that looks in mirror: Oh yikes! I have a huge zit smack in the middle of my face!
by imaguythatknowswhatwordsmean March 06, 2015
An aquaintance who has clearly become annoying on facebook overposting with material for which there is virtually no response. This can often result in an awkward discomfort for the victim. Obviously a cheap play on the words face and zit.
Yeah, you know I tried to give Jen the benefit of the doubt on the farmville thing but she's gone off the deep end and half the time I have no idea what she's talking about. She's a total zit and I'm breaking out the clearasil!
by Ricky Kash March 14, 2010
that thing your moms dating
you- Oh shit its that zit...
me- thats the third time this week...
by skullyboo July 11, 2009
a horrible yellow mucos that pops up on your skin a looks gross
hey mate you've got a big shitty zit on the end of your nose, days later a and its took over there face eeeeeeeeeee it looks like a mutant
by marie August 05, 2003
A person or acquaintance that won't leave you alone or is always there at the worst times. Never goes away. Like a zit
Dude my ex is here again to cock block me, She is such a zit.

This guy a work won't leave me alone. He is so zitting me.
by Hardhat July 11, 2008
syn. To pimp. One who is like a pimp.
Man he such a zit,look how he workin them ladies.He gon cut her up tonight.
by Jizz March 17, 2005

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