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A term meaning "little". Most commonly used by rappers for their rap names. (i.e.- Lil Bow Wow, Lil Kim, Lil Romeo, etc.)
Lil Kim has nice tits.
by Lil J. June 22, 2003
A way for some rappers to let everyone know that they suck. If a rapper has the word "lil" in their name you can safely avoid listening to any songs by them.
Name one good rapper whose name has the word "lil" in it... yea didn't think so
by J-Smoove May 28, 2006
basically a way of identifying a shit rapper. all rappers with names containing "lil'" automatically suck monkey testes. often dirty south soundin crap.

should avoid their music at all costs.
"do you like lil' bow wow, lil romeo, lil kim, lil wayne, lil flip, lil jon?"

"no i dont, they all suck monkey testes, give me Immotal Technique anyday"
by Paul J December 20, 2003
a term normally used to explain something little
a slang term used while instant messaging sending email etc
i had a lil fun at the pool
by Angel leigh M July 21, 2006
The "cool" way to say/write the word little
Dude, I'm small and gay but I wanna sound cool... what should I call myself?

How about Li'l Wayne!
by The Roots December 27, 2010
a sorter and much titer way to say little
Lil'Bow Wow
by Anonymous October 16, 2002
Women's breasts
It aint much to look at but shes got a luvly pair of lils!
by Tracey August 29, 2003
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