Top Definition
a guitar chord
sounds dramatic and quite cool
a minor is easy to play
by melaju March 06, 2005
guitar chord that in tab looks like this ( standard tuning )
a minor is a very basic chord
by melaju March 06, 2005
A-minor: When one doesn't react/ reacts in a way that wasn't expected, to a situation of enormous proportions. (An 'A-minor'is a very basic musical note. sounds very bland)
Did you see what Dave did? The new hottie in class walked up to him and said hi, but he just gave her an A-minor!
by Wesley-Anne Rodrigues August 03, 2008
A person that is under the age of 18.....that should ACT under the age of 18 and NOT say they are 25...and DRINK...unless they are looking to be RAPED !!!
Geez...did u hear about that kid on that was a minor, but said she was 25 and got raped by some huge ass old pedophile mutha fukka?
Yea---I hear she's pregnant now and has Aids. Real Horror Show
by Andi March 08, 2005
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