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if a girl has pimples anywhere visible, you can bet she's going to be easy. If they're the quishy kind, you're even luckier. She'll be grateful for anything you do TO her or FOR her. Cuz a lotta guys won't give her a straight look.
Jennie had zits on her face, her shoulders, and her tits. When we went to the secluded beach I found out she also had them in her rug, on her ass, and along her snatch. I was careful where I kissed her, but she took my pecker in, I think she hadn't had one in a long while.

I offered to help her with her zits. We showered together, I towelled her dry, then began to really clean her. For the large ones, I froze them individually with an icecube, then expressed them, and applied an antibiotic cream. The ones in the lower end of her bush were most exciting, I was rock hard. I left the ones on her upper back for last. We lay there, her back to my front. As I slowly worked on her, I slipped my p*nis between her lips and gently rocked until I came on her. How cud she be disgusted when I'd been picking her zits all afternoon ?
by Junior January 07, 2004
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