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Plural of the word zit.
A temporary blemish on the skin, usually caused by dirt and oil. They are filled with pus, and look like ugly bumps.
I gave him some facial cream to reduce his zits.

Her zits were very embarssing and hard to cover up with makeup.
by Ten February 18, 2005
A person or persons who bitch and complain all day about a relationship that probably never happened. Usually they talk so much that they become annoying to the point where they are beaten up for it, thus cause another things for them to bitch about.
Steven, being an emo bitch, has not stopped complaining about his internet girlfriend he had.
by Ten January 25, 2005
"Jabba the Hutt" was a character in the movie "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi". He was a giant, evil, obese slug-like creature.
The term is often used to describe someone who is fat and/or lazy.
That pimply comic-nerd looked like Jabba the Hutt.

Hey Jabba! Get off your lazy ass!
by Ten February 18, 2005
Books written by bad female writers, aimed towards stupid female readers. Usually marketed in pink jackets adorned with semi-retro pictures of high heeled shoes and martini glasses.
Always about trendy twentysomething bitches whining about their jobs or relationships.
Comes from the words chick and literature
The girl, not having read much, found that Chick Lit offered the mindless entertainment she had come to find from shows such as "Sex and the City".

Many girls relate to Chick Lit because they are just as shallow as the characters in the books.
by Ten February 18, 2005
A nick-name for an arcade named "8 On 'The Break'" (8otb) that is located in Dunellen, New Jersey.

The Break is where all the cool people hang out, like Happy Days.
Chef: "Hey adam, do you want to go to the break?"
Adam: "Not today, I'm broke"
Chef: "I love you"
by TeN January 26, 2004
A term to describe someone with a lot of pimples (zits).
I got my fast food from the pimply-faced teenager.

His back was all dirty and pimply.

A synonym for "pimply" is "zitty".
by Ten February 18, 2005
once one of the order of Seraphim before the fall.
whoa... that asmodeus is way like xaphan!
by ten March 01, 2004
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