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when someone is wise it means they know whats going on
they see deeper then you
you usually go to these people for answers
but they are always there
"hey omg i just got the best advice from that wise kid over there"
by SHMUSH November 28, 2007
Really good to be reminded not to get attached to the external world, to remember the teachings and to keep focused on what is more important than getting caught in cycles of patterned thoughts and reactions that aren't necessarily doing much for you.
The old man was wise.
by Eleni Gekas July 15, 2010
very clever man
this kid is wise
by sabaaa September 13, 2008
To have swag without looking/acting like a douchebag
To be smooth and clever
To have immense class

To be cool/fashionable

May refer to a person, group of people, clothing, or other material possesion

Synonyms: Cool, Classy, Unique, Charming, Dashing, Fly, Fashionable
"Damn. That guy is wise as fuck."

"Those are some wise ass shoes, man"

"That band is wise."

"John's new motorcycle is so wise."
by quickasafoxsmoothasthesea June 30, 2013
A one word term that carries many emotion and agreement to what the person is telling you. A word that is used to reply to something good that some one tells you or to show empathy.
Wells : I just got a new car today.
Mannie : Wise!

Adari : I'm getting a new job, gonna be making alot of money.
Ethro : Wise!

George : I just got a bag of weed, lets go smoke.
Kolaous : WISE!!
by George _Rambo October 15, 2008
Independant to the traditional usage of wise, i.e not used to describe a person with wisdom.

1. Being quick witted in your actions or comments, usually for the purpose of humour.

2. A football player who is skillful and provides impressive performances involving various flicks, chips and turns. Patrick Vieira would not be described as being wise, David Villa, Lionel messi and Alessandro Del Piero would be.

3. Can be used to describe a person who is annoying you.
1. Teacher tells a pupil to leave the classroom after the pupil misbehaves, at which point the pupil proceeds to leave the classroom, however the pupil immediately returns to his seat after only briefly walking out of the door.

2. What a goal! Left foot chip from outside the area, Ibrahimovic is such an ultimate wise.

Look at this, Gourcuff ruined those defenders with that turn, what a wise!

Ronaldinho is the wisest of the wise.

3. Oh butt, stop being such a wise en'.
by maryland123 September 09, 2009
© a sarcastic way of showing someones not so cleverness, said when someone makes a wild comment or doesnt understand something simple.
what is their house number?
number 26.
arent you "wise", their phone number !
by mombasaandteamK October 21, 2009