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1. Someone who regularly partakes in sex with male strangers to further satisfy her drug addiction.
2. Women who act like the above description without actually taking the drugs. This is a more pathetic version. She pretends to be a drug addict to further satisfy her sex addiction.
"Did you see the chicks down at the club on saturday? It was wall to wall coke whores"
by darkabove April 30, 2005
"they" are the people who are accountable for anything that you can't remember the original source for. If you know an interesting proverb or sound peice of advice, you use the term of "they" to attach it to, so when things go horribly wrong from said advice, the imaginary "they" group can take the responsibility off your shoulders. Also a way to seem smart by remembering good advice, without having any hard facts to back it up.
"you know what "they" say, lying only leads to more lies"
"they" do, do "they"?"
"yes, "they" do"
"who the fuck is this "they" everyone talks about?"
"you know....."they"."
"they" are pretty fucked up saying obvious shit all the time"
by darkabove April 30, 2005
1. The name of a prison for wizards and witches who use their magic for evil purposes. Guarded by the "dementors" who can suck the soul right from the body, this prison leaves its guests with virtually no brain power or memory. Known for jailing the wrong person, or accidentally freeing the right one. The origin hails from the Harry Potter series of novels.
2. A sybolic place that the loser of a burn match is sent.
1. "Sirius Black has escapes from Azkaban Prison!"
2. "She says that I have no game. So I said she couldn't give away pussy at a star trek convention, and sent her ass to Azkaban."
by darkabove April 30, 2005
Someone who's friends have left him because he has become too obnoxious and big headed. And then he acts like he left the group, and wasn't kicked out. He tries to build a new group to replace the old one, but with mediocre versions of the same people.
"Look at that jackass with all the weirdos around him"
"Yeah, he used to hang with us til we Axl Rose'd his ass."
by darkabove April 30, 2005
The license given to women who have proven their skankish abilities. If women are skanky enough, they attain a skank license. If the women are skanks, but stop being skanks for any reason, they will be in violation and must be told to bend over in some guys face immediately, or assume some other skank like task. It is up to skank police to enforce these laws (skank police are young males with no barometer for quality in females).
"Look at that chick with her titties all mashed together and her ass hanging out of her skirt. If she doesn't sit on that guys lap soon, she's gonna lose her skank license."
by darkabove April 30, 2005
When two individuals say mean things about, and to, each other. Usually employed in a teasing, friendly way.
2. Example of a burn match
"I'll be designated driver tonight"
"Thanks for being my DD"
"I'm the only "double D" you're ever gonna get."
"Well, I'd rather have no tits, than an ass that looks like you sat in cottage cheese."
"Hey, my ass wouldn't look so bad if it was hammered by dirty arab pool cleaners everyday, like yours." - BURN MATCH WINNER!!
by darkabove April 30, 2005
A complimentary term, that can only be said in a certain way for it to work. But most people can't pull it off.
Originated by a character from the television show "Seinfeld"
"Did you see that Michael Jordan? He's so phoney!"
by darkabove April 30, 2005

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