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means you got straight up burned by the sun; crispy ass guy

if you ever see someone that has sun burn or is dark as hell, you refer to them as "sunscreen" instead of like "crispy"
Kris: Damn, you so sunscreen man
Shaaban: Yeah man, I forgot my sunblock and that sun burned the shit out of me.
by Shaaban999 August 27, 2009
derogatory word for lighter skinned people. Originally used on the San Diego Punk Board (thepunkboard now defunct). Popularly used for "white" people. Gabe says I invented it. That could be true.
Hey sunscreen, can you put in some Barry Manilow?
by AnthemOfAnOldYesterday April 30, 2011
for a male to force his dick into a womans ear and inject sperm with enough force to bust the ear drum. Can also be used against another male as a form of disrespect or dominance.
Pedro: "Yo homie why you skeet in my ear"

Mario: "Hey dawg you wanted a sunscreen"

Pedro: "WHAT THE FUCK i said i wanted some sunscreen"
by Mallyn June 28, 2008