women incapable of studying effectively
You are are so WISE.
by Wisely Wise April 26, 2009
© a sarcastic way of showing someones not so cleverness, said when someone makes a wild comment or doesnt understand something simple.
what is their house number?
number 26.
arent you "wise", their phone number !
by mombasaandteamK October 21, 2009
Independant to the traditional usage of wise, i.e not used to describe a person with wisdom.

1. Being quick witted in your actions or comments, usually for the purpose of humour.

2. A football player who is skillful and provides impressive performances involving various flicks, chips and turns. Patrick Vieira would not be described as being wise, David Villa, Lionel messi and Alessandro Del Piero would be.

3. Can be used to describe a person who is annoying you.
1. Teacher tells a pupil to leave the classroom after the pupil misbehaves, at which point the pupil proceeds to leave the classroom, however the pupil immediately returns to his seat after only briefly walking out of the door.

2. What a goal! Left foot chip from outside the area, Ibrahimovic is such an ultimate wise.

Look at this, Gourcuff ruined those defenders with that turn, what a wise!

Ronaldinho is the wisest of the wise.

3. Oh butt, stop being such a wise en'.
by maryland123 September 09, 2009
Northern Ireland slag to attempt to persuade someone to come to their senses
"here wise geez one"
by Gerard June 22, 2004
to be smitten with someone. your huge smile makes you look retarded and therefor wise is actually the least approriate word, but that is kinda why it works.
"Look at that guy. He's so wise he's never gonna be the same"
"Look at her. That's about as wise as you can be"
by darkabove May 19, 2005
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