A wise is a person who belongs to a subculture of people called gingers. A wise can easily be distinguished by their flaming red/orange hair. Also a wise is ultra sensitive to even the most minuscule amounts of UV rays, also called sunlight, and usually are seen using SPF 60+ sunscreen.
It would suck to be a wise because they have no soul.

Hey Hey Hey Wise!!

I know a wise that uses sunscreen at night so he doesn't get moon burn.
by longboard January 12, 2011
women incapable of studying effectively
You are are so WISE.
by Wisely Wise April 26, 2009
Northern Ireland slag to attempt to persuade someone to come to their senses
"here wise geez one"
by Gerard June 22, 2004
to be smitten with someone. your huge smile makes you look retarded and therefor wise is actually the least approriate word, but that is kinda why it works.
"Look at that guy. He's so wise he's never gonna be the same"
"Look at her. That's about as wise as you can be"
by darkabove May 19, 2005
Wise usually means someone who is very logical but in this case it means something is very old

You have Andy Fowler to thank not me
That tops so wise-that tops so old
by Powitsbamveyoverload September 28, 2014

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