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being a wanker.. another word (of the countless already) for being a wanker/ dickhead
ted is acting like a tossbag
by Gerard January 02, 2005
Technically cheating in a RPG game as your items are uber
"Come off it mate, that armour is beardy"
by Gerard June 22, 2004
Northern California's top Filipino/Asian party throwers
That MASS party was poppin!
by Gerard April 26, 2003
To have sex with someone in a public (usually crowded) place, such as a cloak room or toilet.

The statement of "Denny Craine!" will be enough for your mates to know that you have departed momentarily for a sexual excursion...
"dude where were you!?"
"Denny Craine!"
*high-5's all round*
#denny #craine #public sex #outdoor #tony danza #sex
by Gerard November 12, 2007
Northern Ireland slag to attempt to persuade someone to come to their senses
"here wise geez one"
by Gerard June 22, 2004
A bad ass mofo who thinks they can do whatever they want (but really can't). Make up their own rules and come and go as they please.
Fuck yo couch nigga!!
by gerard May 07, 2004
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