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Based from the small Texas town of Southlake. A vanilla is often a preppy or popular kid that completely goes with the status quo, but is convinced they are "different" and "special". These are the kind of people that will make you ashamed of humanity.

Vanilla girls are often seen wear Ugg boots, Sperry's, or Coach sneakers. They usually have Vera Bradley lunch bags, and back packs that they shove their stuff in without a care. Not to mention the rhinestone, white stitching jeans and low-cut Tyler's shirts. Their favorite accessory are push-up bras and lots of foundation and bronzer.

Vanilla guys are almost always wearing a football t-shirt, athletic pants, ridiculous ankle-high black socks (sometimes worn by the girls!), and athletic shoes that cost half their life savings. They also think being on a middle school football team deems you as being NFL level.

Not all vanillas are superficial and mean, they can be somewhat nice (About 3 of them are). A lot of them time they are seen talking bad about their so called "friends" and texting away on their iPhones. Vanilla is often mistaken as a racial slur, but anyone can be a vanilla. Vanillas are often ignorant to other religions, people unlike them, and will completely deny that they fit the Southlake stereotype.
"Ugh, she is such a slut, I hate how she acts, but I'm having a sleepover with her tonight, gonna be soooo fun! My mom said she'd buy me a new north face today! OMGZ, sucks to suck girly!"

Yup. That's a vanilla for you.
by TheCryptKeeper January 25, 2012
Unexciting, normal, conventional, boring.
Vanilla, a bit like this definition.
by hmm November 06, 2003
n. The opposite of kinky. Not in any way involved with BDSM.
He was a little more vanilla than I was used to, but we got along fine anyway.
by Bad Grammar Must Die April 16, 2003
It's the original of something, like the original Ice Cream flavour. In computergames the original game is called classic or vanilla when the expansion comes out.
by Liedtke March 13, 2003
Preferring an activity or thing in its basic and unmodified state. Refers to vanilla ice cream. Used when expressing a preference for having something the traditional way.
I like my burgers vanilla, no mayonnaise or bacon for me please.

Sorry, threesomes just don’t do it for me. I’m vanilla like that.
by KJR August 12, 2005
normal and boring sex.
used by more sexually adventerous people kinked to describe the dull sex had by the unimaginative
he's so vanilla he probably thinks leaving the lights on is dirty.
by Sunshine December 13, 2004
1 - a type of foodstuff grown in a pod
2 - straight down the line, boring sex, with as little foreplay as possible, the kind of sex that the Catholic Church (proud sponsors of this year's Republican party) want you to have, if you have to have sex at all, and if you're married.
The sex was all right, but she's a bit vanilla for me.
by apricotmarmalade January 14, 2003
A word used to describe someone with little inclination to do anything spontaneous or exciting, either sexually, or in general every day life. A vanilla person will not be open to try new and exciting things, instead prefferring to remain dull, innocent and safe.
GIRL: What are you doing?
BOY: Biting your neck - d'ya like it?
GIRL: Eew! Get off!
BOY: sigh You're so fucking vanilla, Toni.

"You can't take me into the heavy metal section! I'm way too vanilla for that."

"Of COURSE Hannah's still a virgin! Look at her, she's SO vanilla!"
by ChompGirl March 06, 2006