A word used to describe someone with little inclination to do anything spontaneous or exciting, either sexually, or in general every day life. A vanilla person will not be open to try new and exciting things, instead prefferring to remain dull, innocent and safe.
GIRL: What are you doing?
BOY: Biting your neck - d'ya like it?
GIRL: Eew! Get off!
BOY: sigh You're so fucking vanilla, Toni.

"You can't take me into the heavy metal section! I'm way too vanilla for that."

"Of COURSE Hannah's still a virgin! Look at her, she's SO vanilla!"
by ChompGirl March 06, 2006
White teenage male with a personalized backpack, 50 American Eagle sweatshirts, Catholic, parrot that recites bible verses, and says "what the F mom" frequently.
Mom, I can't find my monogrammed backpack? It had my american eagle sweatshirts in it.
"Jimmy you're so vanilla!"
by gummygimme January 06, 2016
plain, simple, ordinary, normal
This shirt is so vanilla. Don't you wear anything else.
by Light Joker December 22, 2005


Just plain vanilla beans and rice for dinner.
by mandingoe April 14, 2004
Original game format without any mods.
Playing Empire Total War vanilla makes you want to kill the person who designed the AI.
by OMG_Butters June 20, 2010
Nogtard's most eaten Ice Cream. He buys it because it's shit, therefore cheap, so you get more for your money.
Dad: Eatin' ice cream then?

Nogtard: Yeah, it's vanilla. It tastes horrible but you get more.
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick July 29, 2009
In the swinging lifestyle, "vanilla" means anyone who is not a swinger. Term used ONLY within the swinger community to describe friends or aquaintances who are not involved in the lifestyle. Most of you reading this are vanilla and don't even realize it.
We won't be able to play at Dave & Jen's pool party.. there will be some vanilla couples there.
by Degenerate Dan August 16, 2007
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