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word which rich white girls use to describe almost everything thats not clad with lilly polos and pearls.
"Look how ghetto I look!" Muffy said as she put on her gucci sunglasses.
by hmm March 19, 2005
Unexciting, normal, conventional, boring.
Vanilla, a bit like this definition.
by hmm November 06, 2003
Having sexual contact with another person with no plans on furthering a long term/committed relationship with that person.
I had casual sex with him/her because I needed sexual gratification and nothing more.
by hmm February 06, 2004
drunks against mothers
I am an official member of the group DAM
by hmm April 19, 2005
Italians are not white, dude
Uh, Italians are not white. They're like their own race.
by hmm April 19, 2005
If a spanish guy like you is not considered white, "Guevera", than why should an Italian be considered white? Italians aren't white, and don't want to be white, black, or anything else because they are what they are, which is dark-skinned. And believe me, whites do not consider italians white.
"I'm a homo. I think Italians are white even though they've gone through more descrimination over the years than the spanish have. Suck me."
by hmm April 15, 2005
a person who does not look Italian but claims to be Italian; a lombardi
Assumption man: Joe looks more german than italian. He must be a fake italian.
by hmm October 11, 2005

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