A sweetly-scented pod used to flavour sweet foodstuffs and drinks; as well as being a common note in perfumes.

See Positive
Also: A term used to describe someone not involved in the BDSM community]

NEGATIVE (Mostly about women, but can also apply to men)
A person who is at least one of the following
+Unadventurous (In everyday life and/or sexually)
+Only follows the mainstream or whatever is popular with their friends
+Overtly concerned with not being seen as a loser to their outside world i.e. No admittance to having social flaws, only consuming the "right" brands and being seen in the "right" places in the "right" clothes with the "right" face for the surroundings and their friends. More often than not, "right" seems to approximate to being grown-up and/or sophisticated
+Not interested in broadening their mind
+A sheep
+innocuous on the outside but can - ALTHOUGH NOT ALWAYS - actually be an obnoxious gossip
+Believes the opposite sex is completely alien and acts in a pathetic way about them {For an example, see^}
+Plays thick and/or genuinely is dumb
+Tends to do the same things
+Go to the "right" kind of nightclub and then bleat about how they only play a good song every half hour
+Plays up to gender roles which are dictated to them somehow, somewhere, and for no good reason
+Apathetic about current issues that affect them, or pretends to be
POSITIVE: "Mmmm! Vanilla milkshake... my favourite."

NEUTRAL: *someone talking to a kinkier friend* "Eh, I'm not into being hogtied by my lover... I'm just an old-fashioned romantic vanilla guy like that."

Vanilla is one of the base notes in Hypnotic Posion by Dior
Essie: ^"Oh my god! He told me he'd call me yesterday, but he didn't. Does that mean he doesn't like me?"

OR "Why are guys so weird? What the hell do they THINK about?"

OR "I wish I lived in the 19th century, because then I'd be comfortable marrying for money"

OR "Have you seen - e.g. - The Inbetweeners OR Coronation Street OR F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

Emma (If she had the guts to voice her thoughts) I DON'T KNOW! YOU ASK HIM! Ugh, *WHY* are vanilla girls so weird? How do guys ever find them remotely attractive?

OR Yikes, bit of a Barlow girl attitude there!

OR Eh, I've seen few episodes/No, I don't watch it (because it's bloody boring and represents how dull this vanilla society is)!

This vanilla society does not accept polyamoury and considers everything you do away from your partner to be cheating. Marriage, commitment and monogamy are what matters to the vanilla.

NEGATIVE 3: My boyfriend OR girlfriend is really crap in bed - (s)he's *so* vanilla
by _:_:_ July 01, 2012
In the swinging lifestyle, "vanilla" means anyone who is not a swinger. Term used ONLY within the swinger community to describe friends or aquaintances who are not involved in the lifestyle. Most of you reading this are vanilla and don't even realize it.
We won't be able to play at Dave & Jen's pool party.. there will be some vanilla couples there.
by Degenerate Dan August 16, 2007
A white person
"Whats up vanilla face?
by Lunaccy December 05, 2008
Nature's favorite form of torture. It smells wonderful, but tastes FUCKING AWFUL by itself. This means you experience and desire great tastes, but don't actually get to satisfy your want. Quench your need. Make you happy. Oh no, you can only smell and wish.

(While some coffee is like this in the fact that it smells better than it tastes, vanilla smells better than any coffee I've ever smelled. Vanilla > You.)

It's also the most common ice cream flavor.
*Man first discovered vanilla*

Hmmm... this smell good. *drinks* ... *spits out* MAN, THIS TASTE LIKE SHIT!

Why, WHY does this odor torture me so?
The scent fills my nose with wonderful thoughts... yet my mouth lacks the same feeling. *cries*
by ~The Nameless One~ May 16, 2005
Based from the small Texas town of Southlake. A vanilla is often a preppy or popular kid that completely goes with the status quo, but is convinced they are "different" and "special". These are the kind of people that will make you ashamed of humanity.

Vanilla girls are often seen wear Ugg boots, Sperry's, or Coach sneakers. They usually have Vera Bradley lunch bags, and back packs that they shove their stuff in without a care. Not to mention the rhinestone, white stitching jeans and low-cut Tyler's shirts. Their favorite accessory are push-up bras and lots of foundation and bronzer.

Vanilla guys are almost always wearing a football t-shirt, athletic pants, ridiculous ankle-high black socks (sometimes worn by the girls!), and athletic shoes that cost half their life savings. They also think being on a middle school football team deems you as being NFL level.

Not all vanillas are superficial and mean, they can be somewhat nice (About 3 of them are). A lot of them time they are seen talking bad about their so called "friends" and texting away on their iPhones. Vanilla is often mistaken as a racial slur, but anyone can be a vanilla. Vanillas are often ignorant to other religions, people unlike them, and will completely deny that they fit the Southlake stereotype.
"Ugh, she is such a slut, I hate how she acts, but I'm having a sleepover with her tonight, gonna be soooo fun! My mom said she'd buy me a new north face today! OMGZ, sucks to suck girly!"

Yup. That's a vanilla for you.
by TheCryptKeeper January 25, 2012
The old-school version of a video game. E.g. the original Street Fighter instead of Super Street Fighter 4
I'm really stoked about Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but I'd rather play the vanilla for now.
by 1337ChunChun December 08, 2010
(adj.) a word that describes someone acting unbelievably white; a stereotypical goody-two-shoes white person; a basic white person (as vanilla is basic and white)
Samantha posted a picture of her latte? How vanilla.
by theleftboob December 21, 2014

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