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formatting your hard drive, this will make it possible to store data on your hard drive
format c: /s = This will format your main hard drive to be bootable. Please don't execute this command on a correct working personal computer
by Tom Staals January 31, 2006
34 11
the act of a man changing a lesbian back to a straight woman
I wanted to date this bad chick but found out she was a lesbian so i had to format her for proper usage.
by Kino91 February 21, 2012
5 1
(verb) Completely forget, not be able to remember anything about a particular matter.
(Indian usage) I'm sorry, I've formatted the particulars about this customer!
by Bubai May 03, 2010
1 1
writing and producin rap music
niggas check how my format is done
by blitz jean January 02, 2004
8 42