An apparently inconspicuous official document
The vanilla manilla was easier to store, but harder to maintain in terms of confidentiality.
#apparently #inconspicuous #official #document #easier
by Hercolena Oliver May 26, 2010
Another slang for a Vanilla Dutch used as a blunt
We bout to spark the Vanillas
#dutch #wrap #blunt #cigar #weed
by Vanilla McFlurry May 15, 2010
not as exciting as it could be
"he thought i was too vanilla to actually bite my inner thigh with aggression"
#shy #boring #uneventfull #not kinky #blah
by wet girl January 25, 2008
With respect to gay men, sex that puts an emphasis on fucking and sucking, without any other kinky positions or appartus. Think silk sheets and scented candles, boys-- and try to forget you're sticking your dick up his ass.
My current boi's really vanilla, but he's hot so I don't care.
by Van Pierce July 10, 2003
A white girl who likes to hang out with brown guys. (i.e. a large group of middle-eastern, Indian or Persian men) In other words, the "token white girl" in a multicultural group.
"Call Jackie - we need our Vanilla to come out tonight"

"It would be great to get our Vanilla to break up this Browntown"
#white girl #whitest #token female #white #blonde
by Carolina Plantagenet May 02, 2011
To be amazing in every way possible. Also another way of saying Prime or Dope.
Dude I'm sooo Vanilla!
#dope #swag #prime #amazing ##yoloswag
by thatkidyouprobablydontknow January 04, 2013
Straight up white man dong. Usually used in reference to sexual activity using metaphors.
1. His french vanilla icing got all over her souffle.
#pink petey #ivory statue #mystical swordsman #vanilla ice #mars bar
by REO speedflagon January 15, 2010
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