1.)United Parcel Serive
2.) Under Paid Slaves (used to describe those who work for the above when they go on strike)
3.) Useless Pieces of Shit (Used to describe people who work at UPS by some groups namely those working for other shipping companies)
People who work at UPS think they are Under Paid Salves, but in reality they are just Useless Pieces of Shit. At least thats what the DHL guy tells me.
by ifky302 December 09, 2007
The bump, bruise, scratch or cut you find on part of your body after a heavy night of partying but you have no recollection of how you got it. Its a Unidentified Party Sore
Look at this huge UPS on my thigh. I got it last night but have no clue how.
by prinsdi November 28, 2012
exercises such as pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups.
I hate doing ups in gym class.
by 5'1"Racer December 09, 2005
A term which is shouted, after sucking out in a big hand in poker.
'009 hits runner runner for the flush, 008 has top set, UPSSSSSSSSSS'
by Anon 009 April 10, 2009
NYC word for Air Force Ones
yo i need to get me a pair of fresh up's for this week end
by wuts my name!!! March 23, 2006
an acronym for those that work at United Parcel Service, also meaning Under Paid Slaves
Yes, I work for UPS, but they don't pay me enough.
by UPSERS February 17, 2010
Money gathered from individuals attending a party that goes toward buying alcohol. If everyone puts in an 'up' then the cost is spread evenly.
Bring ups if you want to drink.
Who's got ups towards an 18 rack?
by WasterOne April 11, 2009

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