Useless Piece of Shit
The new guy Brad is a UPS.
by jebus0 September 26, 2007
Usually Pretty Stoned
by crazyfock November 07, 2003
A nipple rubbing mail carrier that mysteriously stole away from the US Postal Service, When you order something from Amazon's international brethren you hope you are the luckiest tookie lookie knuckle fucker on the planet that your packages arrive
with the Amazon switchover to UPS it's taking forever for my DVDs to arrive
by Raging Kitsune February 19, 2014
Ur Penis Smells
Arthur: "God damn, Walton, UPS"
Walton: "I get that a lot, what does it mean, no one tells me but I always thank them"
Arthur: "Ur Penis Smells."
by WaltonsPenisSmells March 25, 2013
Urban Pharmaceutical Serviceman
-Those who practice supplying and distrubuting various drugs effeciantly through out the urban community without license or degree.
I'ma hit the UPS for some christmas trees.
I'ma be a UPS as soon as i can up on some__.
by Da Farmasyst January 05, 2011
Abreviation for Underwear Parachute Service.
I work for U.P.S.
by D B R September 06, 2008
Up the
Dude 1: "I went UPS last night. She said, 'What can brown do for you?' We both laughed."

Dude 2: "Talk about a special delivery!"
by Jack Handiest February 26, 2011
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