1. Un-Protected sex.

2. A company that is nowhere near as good as FedEx
Richard: How did your date go last night?
Mike: My UPS delivery is going to arrive in nine months.

Paul: My UPS package is taking for to get here.
Ryan: You should have used FedEx.
by jatkins May 04, 2007
Establishment created by Mac Daddy Jaramy Williams, and co-creator George Hoefer, The United Pimps Service. UPS was created to unite all the pimps of the world, kind of like a union of pimps, a legion if you will. A member of the UPS has his god-given right to do what a pimps gotta do, including slapping a hoe, smacking a bitch, or lookin fly.
Hey Tito, I just became a pimp last night, do you think you can get me into the UPS this weekend, so i can get my bitchin benifits?
by George Hoefer March 09, 2005
UR pussy stank

when you see a girl and she's a smut, you say "UPS"
(biggest whore you know walk by & you look at your friend)
by smutbucket March 29, 2010
To possess the ability to jump as though you were a statuesque athlete of African descent.
Damn, that boy's got ups!
by ted bar May 23, 2010
Ultimate Porn Star.
Acting too much smart,showing off to opposite sex,saying stories of Sexual achievements made in bed.
Another story by UPS again?
by Caldevil June 17, 2008

U.nited P.uppy S.layers

When the big brown truck just can't stop...
OMG SPOT! *bam*

Maybe UPS will deliver my new dog for free after they ran over my last one?

by _Bryce_ June 16, 2008
The best shipping service. Uber Parcel Service.
I wanted something quick, so I chose UPS. None of that white and green fedex shit.
by AcneBrain July 13, 2004

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