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United Parcel Service
working at united parcel service sucks
by bill April 27, 2004
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Uninterruptible Power Supply
We are going so put a UPS on the server so it does not go offline when the power goes out.
by Ben May 09, 2005
1.A basketball players term meaning can jump high. 2. A graffiti writers term meaning bombing all over the city or getting your ups.
Michael Jordan got crazy ups
Yo XXXone got crazy ups.
by Olskoolrule May 26, 2004
The art of asking people if they work for UPS because they keep checking out your package.
Demko asked him how long he had been with UPS, and the fucker decked him.
by Rick January 05, 2004
1. recognition, props
2. high vertical
"Mad ups on that nobel prize!"

"That boy's got mad ups, you see him dunk?"
by gdub205 October 18, 2006
1. United Parcel Service - a package delivery company
2. Uninterruptable Power Supply
3. More than one up.
1. I got got my UPS package
2. I have an UPS connected
3. They went to do sit ups and then junp all the way ups.
by neorser May 20, 2006
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