Refers to "Uptowns," the particularly NY name for Nike Airforce Ones (as only those uptown tended to wear them)
Can I get a pair of white ups, size 13?
by HipHop Messiah February 24, 2006
1. Uncontrolable Penis Syndrome (Keep getting boners that don't go away)
John stalled his presentation at his buisness meeting in hope that his severe case of UPS would go away.
by Billybobthorton December 30, 2006
A person who is so dumb, you can't even describe them with the word downs. Worse then downs.
D00D, Shannen you have ups. You're so retarded.
by erica schisley January 03, 2008
1. The United Parcel Service, a shitty delivery company.
2. What United Parcel Service workers say when they 'accidently' drop your package.
Bob, UPS worker: Ups! Looks like the eleventy-billionth package dropped this week!
by someonewhoisntme September 27, 2006
A Brown Nazi who delivers things to you. Such as Dildo's and other nice products.
When will that Brown Nazi arrive at my door so I can get my getto box.
by The Shankster September 09, 2004
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