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An American shoe company that makes atheletic wear that includes shoes, shirts, shorts etc. Their logo is a checkmark and their motto is "JUST DO IT". The shoes were made famous especially by Michael Jordan.
Steve: Nice shoes!
Greg: Yeah they're NIKEs.
by Mario 22 June 11, 2006
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In ancient Greece, NIKE was the winged goddess of victory. She was the daughter of Pallas and Styx.
"To win glory, stepping into the chariot of honoured Nike: for to one man only does the goddess grant to jump into her great carriage." -Greek Lyric III Simonides
by Tim L. June 16, 2003
A brand of shoe that is worn by everyone because of MJ. They are made by underpaid Indonesian children.
person 1-Wanna hear a joke?

person 2-Sure

person 1- How much does it cost for 4,000 children to make a pair of NIKE shoes?

person 2-I don't know.

person 1-NONE!!! ALL YOU NEED IS A WHIP!!!

Person 1 & 2- hahahahahahaha
by Ryan June 30, 2004
A brand of shoe that alot of people dislike because they are made in chinese sweatshops. Yet you see alot of chinese people wearing them on their feet anyways.
Gotta love my black nike kicks!
by kking9 May 21, 2008
a word used in loo of the phrase "Just Do It"
Im scared of asking her to prom

Nike scott, stop being a pussy.
by BigBuckProductions August 17, 2010
The largest athletic company in the world that started at the University of Oregon by Bill Bowerman the track coach at the time and Phil Knight a run for the track team originally they started by importing shoes from Japan before latter making there own brand of shoes. there world headquarters are based out of Beaverton Oregon and they are a company that any Oregonian should be proud of, and they donate shit lodes of money to the University of Oregon's Athletic program.
NIKE my shoes and pants and watch and shirt and socks
by wseroyer June 16, 2008
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