A diesel dike who thinks her dick is bigger than yours.
I hit that fat floppy twunt so hard, her dick repelled the impact and did me ten fold.
by Meekrab1 May 17, 2011
To more than miss somebody. To miss somebody so much that I whole new word must be used to describe it.
I am twunting my deceased father.
by Gringo Turd burgler April 17, 2011
A word devisted by Planet Sound head honcho John Earls, in a 2/10 review for Boy Kill Boy.
Methinks the word "twunt" is the only way you can get close to calling members of BKB a twat and a cunt without being fired...
by OD Smith December 07, 2009
its a cross between twat and cunt but if your not aloud to swear in front of parents then this is perfect! because tecnically you swearing
ARGGHH your such a twunt
by Amieox October 26, 2009
A mixture between a twat and a cunt.

If your girl is worst than a twat but not as bad as a cunt you become angered and blurt out TWUNT!!!

Also can be used to refer to a male.

"I am gonna twunt punt you."

by Twuntaful January 13, 2009
the dirty derogatory combination of two disgusting slang words for a womans vagina. (cunt & twat)
"did you hear that dirty twunt amber cheated on justin with his best friend..."
by jeanice April 03, 2008
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