Twat and Cunt rolled into one! Someone you reeaally hate!
The perfect insult
Fuck you - you TWUNT
by AlisonAmber September 07, 2007
A twunt is someone who is acting so bitchy / cunty they go beyond being a twat or a cunt....they are a twunt!

This word was coined by Ronifahz in Texas
"lawd that bitch wont gimmie my money, she such a twunt!"
by MisMisChief June 29, 2006
A diesel dike who thinks her dick is bigger than yours.
I hit that fat floppy twunt so hard, her dick repelled the impact and did me ten fold.
by Meekrab1 May 17, 2011
n. A teenage bitch.

"Twunt" is portmanteau word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of the two words "tween" (a person who is twixt the age of 12 & 20) and "cunt" (vulgarism for the vagina often used to refer to a bad or nasty girl or woman).
Scarlett Johansson, talking to Gywneth Paltrow of the set of "Iron Man II," was overheard by a stringer for TMZ discussing how she had almost lost the role of "Natalie/Natasha" to Miley Cyrus.

Paltrow, recreating her turn as "Pepper Potts" in the sequel to the popular "Iron Man," reportedly was pissed that the younger Johansson had got higher billing. However, the two gals bonded over this catty/chatty moment.

"That's good that you got hired," Paltrow was overheard saying, "'cause I hear that that Miley Cyrus is a real twunt."
by Chance Wayne June 11, 2010
A word devisted by Planet Sound head honcho John Earls, in a 2/10 review for Boy Kill Boy.
Methinks the word "twunt" is the only way you can get close to calling members of BKB a twat and a cunt without being fired...
by OD Smith December 07, 2009
its a cross between twat and cunt but if your not aloud to swear in front of parents then this is perfect! because tecnically you swearing
ARGGHH your such a twunt
by Amieox October 26, 2009
triple cunt,
that bitch is a twunt
by lightninluke January 11, 2009

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