twat cunt.
Of (surely enough...), British origin.
Stop twiddling the radio knob, you twunt!
by hytham_hammer August 01, 2005
A twunt is a c@nt on Twitter. This can be a self-important nobody, or a self-important somebody tweeting their opinions to the sad fecks that follows them.
That Emma Barnett from the Telegraph newspaper that wrote the article on Sexist Trousers, what a total Twunt!
by Holly Jockeysticks March 07, 2012
when a guy is acting like a pussy and you just want to tap him in the ball sack for such dumbass behavior basically a twat and a cunt in one the best of both worlds.
Wow MIKE is such a fucking twunt I can't believe he was so rude.
by SarahLovelace January 31, 2011
Combination word - used when one does not like to call someone neither a twat or cunt, but wants to send the same message "appropriately". Best used in business settings and office atmospheres.
Why is she/he being such a twunt for?
by Laudez May 09, 2007
To more than miss somebody. To miss somebody so much that I whole new word must be used to describe it.
I am twunting my deceased father.
by Gringo Turd burgler April 17, 2011
A mixture between a twat and a cunt.

If your girl is worst than a twat but not as bad as a cunt you become angered and blurt out TWUNT!!!

Also can be used to refer to a male.

"I am gonna twunt punt you."

by Twuntaful January 13, 2009
a twat mixed with a cunt, pretty much an all around bitch...
"Dude look at Pat, he looks like such a twunt"
by the np crew October 06, 2007

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