The combined word of cunt and twat because you are not too much of a bastard to be called a cunt but you are enough of a bastard to not be called a twat. In essence you are a hybrid bastard or a twunt.
An example of a twunt is is the asshole that goes to the 10 items or less lane with 30 fucking cans of cat food and 9 other items 30 cans of the same item do not combine to create one fucking item.
by Big B 1234 August 11, 2010
Slang term for the vagina used in similar contexts to its many and varied synonyms. Formed from the first two letters of 'twat' and the last three of 'cunt'.
"That twunt got that fit bird twunted and got hold of her twunt last Saturday. The dirty twunt."

by Brian Munich October 29, 2006
a combination of twat and cunt used as an insult, originally used by Justin & Jason in 1999.
you are a stupid twunt
by Justin Mich September 13, 2006
a vegetarian with turrets
that lawrence, he's a right old twunt
by a.b-:D February 18, 2014
A twunt is a c@nt on Twitter. This can be a self-important nobody, or a self-important somebody tweeting their opinions to the sad fecks that follows them.
That Emma Barnett from the Telegraph newspaper that wrote the article on Sexist Trousers, what a total Twunt!
by Holly Jockeysticks March 07, 2012
An individual who is a cunt on twitter.
"Did you see Paul's latest tweet?"
"Yeah, that guy is a complete twunt!"
by zciworpsak October 30, 2011
the addition of twating and cunt to = those in a remote call centre, (usually with in the eurpoe continant) that don't seem to understand a single word of english.
look you twunt at EDF i am right your wrong and bring me someone english to speak to
by purplejellybean157 July 30, 2011
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